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All Cows Eat Grass


My first, and so far only, solo CD. A mix of music with some Bach, jazz, North Indian classical music and spacey stuff with instruments including tabla, cello, piano, and flute. There's also some sounds recorded from India including musicians on the streets and on trains. If you are interested to buy a CD please go to cdbaby.com. MP3s of some of the tracks are available below:

cd tracks

  1. tintal funk
  2. sarabande (j.s. bach)
  3. chalan
  4. improv 1
  5. loops
  6. footprints (w. shorter)
  7. old man
  1. memphis underground (h. mann)
  2. aria (j.s. bach)
  3. raga kirwani
  4. harmoniumwallah
  5. improv 2
  6. sometimes i think
  7. cajun tune

peter altenberg — tabla, cello, piano, flute, ghatam, & stuff
jason kleinberg —viola (1, 8)
mike irvine — sarod (10)
b. mossman — bass (1)
old man on train in india — flute (7)
boy on bombay train — singing and harmonium (11)
nancy scharlau — recording and mixing

Music for a Thing of Beauty and a Joy Forever

bodwell, browne, & altenberg
Demo CD, recorded live at the Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin, August, 2003
music for a dance theatre piece choreographed and directed by Ríonach Ní Néill

le cuidiú na Comhairle Ealaíon
supported by the Arts Council and by Dublin Corporation

CD tracks

  1. prologue
  2. a girl stood before him in midstream,
  3. winnie & peter
  1. gecko (intro)
  2. gecko
  3. cat’s cradle

daniel bodwell – contrabass
peter browne – button accordion
peter altenberg – tabla & sarangi

Bernie Jungle

Bernie Jungle, 4 songs. Available at cdbaby.com.

cd tracks

  1. Burr
  2. Falling
  3. Water
  4. Nervous Eye

The Beer & Bach Orchestra

Beer&Bach is a San Francisco string orchestra that plays Bach and drinks beer as well as other beverages and music. A complilation "Beer&Bach Orchestra with the Bands of San Francisco" soon to be release with bands including: 86 (The Band), Beulah, Warm Wires, Paddlefoot, Little My, Shitty Shitty Band Band, JC Hopkins.

Warm Wires

Severe Comfort

Warm Wires first CD. The band from this CD was made up of people coming from the bands Harm Farm, Little My, 100 Watt Smile, and The Breaders.

CD tracks

  1. Pleasure Prison
  2. More Poison
  3. Angel Came Down
  4. Fabulous Guru
  5. Women Are Better
    Than Men
  6. Goodbye Sweet Bird
  7. I'm Soft
  1. Eczema
  2. Ishi
  3. King Of The Picked-Ons
  4. The Dolphin
  5. Robot Blood
  6. Hard To Lose A Son
  7. Lead Eraser
  8. Lake Beef

B. Mossman— Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mbira
Matt Stahl — Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Adam McCauley — Drums, Vocals
Peter Altenberg — Tabla, Cello, Flute, Hammond Organ, Sarangi, Vocals
Carrie Bradley — Violin, Vocals

Also Featuring:
Jason Kleinberg — Viola
Steve Cornell — Pedalsteel
Ben Riseling — Clarinet
George Walsh —Trumpet


Warm Wires second CD. More info here.

CD tracks

  1. Stretched
  2. Join Life
  3. Pretty
  4. Bur
  5. Anything With An Ass
  6. Go Home
  7. Funhappy
  1. Falling
  2. Mitch
  3. Lick the Queen
  4. Soak Us
  5. Momma's Boy
  6. Twelve
  7. Seventy-five Peaches

B. Mossman — Vocals, Guitar
Bernie Jungle — Bass, Vocals
Matt Stahl — Guitar, Vocals
Adam McCauley — Drums, Vocals


Also Featuring:
Peter Altenberg — Tabla on Falling

puppet village

Warm Wires, 7 Songs (Acoustic)

B. Mossman — Vocals, Guitar

Bernie Jungle —Vocals, Guitar

Peter Altenberg — Tabla

Jason Kleinberg —Viola



I reside most of the year with my son Kalyan in Bremen, Germany taking annual visits to the San Francisco Bay Area, the Midwest (ancestral homeland) and Mumbai, India, where I have been studying sarangi since 1996 with Ustad Sultan Khan. I started learning tabla from the late Ustad Allarakha in 1983 in Chicago and then Bombay and I have been learning from Ustad Zakir Hussain since 1985 in California. I started learning piano at the age of 8 and at the age of 13 starting studying classical piano with Emilio del Rosario. At the age of 15 I started studying jazz piano with Alan Swain. I received second place in the Waukegan Symphony Concerto Competition at the age of 15 and soloed with the Waukegan Symphony playing a Mozart Piano concerto. I have a music degree from the University of Illinois and also play cello and flute.

In 1995 I put out my own CD "All Cows Eat Grass" and in 1997 founded the Beer&Bach Orchestra in San Francisco. The Beer&Bach Orchestra will soon be releasing a compilation of recordings with San Francisco bands. I have performed and recorded with Warm Wires as well as other San Francisco / Bay Area bands and have also performed with Ustad Sultan Khan, Shalil Shankar, Shurafat Ali Khan and often accompanied the classes of Hari Prasad Chaurisia. I recently finished a 2 month US tour with singer/songwriter/guitarist Bernie Jungle (berniejungle.com) and also recently returned from a trip to Ireland where I composed music for for Irish choreographer Rionach Ni Neill and jammed in pubs with violinist Nigel Kennedy and Poilsh jazz guitarist Jarek Smietana.